What do we offer?

We have developed training bibs that have different colors, symbols, numbers and letters. This allows you as a trainer to change team membership in a game situation. Example: We play in 'red against white'. You have a red camisole, I have a white camisole. Our trainer now switches to the category symbol by shouting. Since we both have a diamond, we are now both playing together. This means that I can no longer attack you, but must see that we are now players and offer myself in free space. As a result, we train speed of action and game intelligence. These are exactly the requirements that we need in modern football.

Kognitives Fußball Training

Der Raum wird kleiner, der Entscheidungsdruck größer! Wir bringen Spieler in neue Situationen, die sie kognitiv schnell lösen müssen. Informations- verarbeitung auf einem neuen Niveau.


Handlungsschnelligkeit trainieren, aber wie? Durch das Kreieren von komplett neuen Situationen. Spieler werden dadurch in der Wahrnehmungs-, Entscheidungs- und Handlungsschnelligkeit gefordert.


Schwierige Situationen einfach und richtig lösen. Das funktioniert durch spezifisches Entscheidungstraining und das stellen wir in den Vordergrund. Zurück zu den Spielern die den Unterschied machen können.

Now a good announcement!

Here we regularly present new quotes from the football world on the subject of RESWITCH, speed of action & game intelligence.

Want some news?

Because we are just beginning to change the world of football, there is always news, updates and announcements.

Let us talk. Call +49 172 708 54 74 or send an email to info@reswitch.de

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