We have developed a method using jerseys and goal signs that have different symbols, numbers, letters and colors on it. With the command “SWITCH”, you as the trainer can change the team compositions.

Jerseys and goal signs with the categories Color (Red vs. White), Symbol (Rhombus vs. Circle), Number (1 vs. 2)

Example: We play ‘Red vs. White’. You wear a red jersey. I wear a white jersey. With the command “SWITCH”, our trainer changes to the category ‘Symbol’. We both have a rhombus on our jersey, now we play together. That means that I am not allowed to attack you any more, because after the “SWITCH” we are teammates and play together against the circles. In this way, we train the speed of action and the game intelligence. These are exactly the requirements that we need in modern soccer.

These three skills are the key points, when we speak about speed of action:

  • Perception
  • Quick decisions
  • The correct action

Today it is very important to have fast players, because the action on the pitch happens in an area of 35×25 meters. This means that players have to act under space, time and opponent pressure.

Players who solve these pressure situations quickly and correctly can be described as game-intelligent. Technology, tactics and speed can already be taught by coaches to the players. Now it is also possible to train action speed and game intelligence in a completely new and innovative way.

With the command “SWITCH”, you as the trainer can change the game situations, team compositions and game directions. Players are in situations where they have to process information in fractions of a second, make decisions, and act correctly.

Dear Coach: This is a crucial step to develop your players.

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