We have developed a method using jerseys and goal signs that have different symbols, numbers, letters and colors on it. This allows you as a trainer in a game situation change team membership .

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What’s the point?

Your players are brought into situations in which they keep repeating through constantly changing team memberships

  • perceive
  • decide quickly
  • and have to act right

These are exactly the key skills of tomorrow’s players!

The RESWITCH training concept in 90 seconds:

Changing teams and changing situations

In our initial situation, we play in the category colour . The red players play against the whites on the goal with the red goal markings. With the change of team membership “Switch number” , now the players with the two play against the players with the one. The direction of play also changes for some players!

An example from practice

How exactly can RESWITCH use?

RESWITCH provides great added value in everyone Team training represent. For the first time, coaches have the opportunity to practice football-specific and match-based cognitive training with all players. The example shows an introductory form of team training.

You can use RESWITCH in Individual and group training deploy. Even with a few players, the bibs, goal markings and hats are suitable for varied cognitive training!

What did you learn on this page?

You have got to know the RESWITCH training concept and now you know the various possible uses. You learned that you can use RESWITCH in both Individual and group training as well as team training can use. You can use the different categories (Colors, numbers, letters and numbers) always new team memberships create. As a result, the players are always put into the situation anew perceive , to decide quickly and to act right . RESWITCH’s game-based approach means that players are cognitively challenged, which means that the Speed of action and game intelligence improved.