Welcome to the RESWITCH eLearning section.

Learn here what cognitive training is and why it will become increasingly important in the future to combine your football training with cognitive elements. Get an impression of how you can build up your training and how you set new priorities through variations.

We want to give you as a coach or club manager the basic knowledge that will help you to improve the training in the future. For this purpose, we have built up two areas, starting with general knowledge and the concrete application of RESWITCH.

Lesson 1: General Knowledge of Cognitive Skills

Lesson 2: How does training work with RESWITCH?

Start with Lesson 1 and navigate from there to the other learning units. Have fun! And Loooooos !

Lesson 3: Training forms

Download the PDFs here and print them out to you. So you can take them as cheat sheets on the seat.

RESWITCH training bodies in use
With RESWITCH, your training gets a whole new impulse. Learn how to use RESWITCH effectively on this page.