You can also try RESWITCH for free

We believe that everyone should be able to improve their players with the training concept! That’s why we’ve created an opportunity to try it out in a free version.

You will have the opportunity to play a 2:2 for free with the RESWITCH training concept. First, download the two files. In one there are the templates for the training bodies, in the other the templates for the gate markers.

You have two hands per player in the training bodies. Once the front, once the back. You need both, because it must always be clear who is playing in which team. You can now attach the printed sheets to the jersey. For example, with a mounting needle or armored tape. 😊 glue the goal markers to the bar of the gates and the game can start.

Let’s play red against white first. On your command “SWITCH Symbol” the team membership changes to the symbol. You can also do this with the letter and the number.

Small tip: When you laminate the sheets, they don’t tear so quickly.