Procedure of the first RESWITCH training

  • Duration: 4-10 minutes
  • Play on two mini goals without a goalkeeper (e.g. in 4:4 game)
  • Build a playing field 14×16 meters and position two mini goals centrally at the ends of the pitch. Easily fasten the gate markings with the Velcro fastener on the latte. Then distribute the body numbers 1-8 to the eight players.
Structure of the first RESWITCH training
  • Explain to your players that the SWITCH command will create new teams during the game. The teams are assigned according to the announced category.
    The team tries to score on the goal with their respective category.
  • Start the game in the COLOR: Red vs. White category. Red scores a goal in goal with the red goal marker, white in the one with the white goal marker.
  • When the players have sat down, the coach shouts “SWITCH SYMBOL”. Team affiliation changes. Players with the diamond now play against players with the circle.

What is happening at this moment? The players must now orient themselves! Who is my new player, opponent and on which goal do I play? You now have to switch quickly in your head and, depending on the situation, run free instead of pressing, continue to dribble instead of executing the planned pass or coaching new players.

When the players have made the change, the coach calls “SWITCH NUMBER”. Team affiliation changes. Players with the 1 now play against players with the 2. After that, you can still announce “SWITCH BOOKS” to play a game between A and B.

The more frequently you install a switch, the more often you challenge your players to solve new situations. Pay attention to the situation in which the players are in and whether a switch fulfils the desired effect.

You can also vary your workout further. Look at how it’s going!