In a world where people not only take but also give, in which we want to live. But we also have to do it ourselves. At the beginning of the year we sat down with Rüdiger “Rudi” Heid von buntkicktgut, the intercultural street football league, and told him about our purpose at a fundraiser.

Rudi already knows the RESWITCH training method, as Tammo was involved in the selection team of buntkicktgut for two years and RESWITCH was of course also involved in the training. That’s why we know that buntkicktgut stands for respect, tolerance and fairness and conveys these values with football. Football connects and through buntkicktgut much more. We told Rudi that we want to support buntkicktgut because their mission helps children and young people and we want to play a part in making it happen in the future.

One percent of our revenues for 2020 will therefore go to buntkicktgut and we will of course round up the amount! So with your purchase you contribute to the support of children and young people through football.

We did a short interview with Rudi, so that you can find out what is behind buntkicktgut!

Rudi, how did the idea for buntkicktgut come about?

That was in 1996 during the wave of refugees caused by the Yugoslavian war. My colleagues and refugee advisors Hans-Peter Niessner, Memo Arikan and I came up with the idea of solving and loosening intercultural and linguistic barriers among young people through football. At the time, the league consisted of ten teams. Since 1998 it has been running under the name buntkicktgut. In Munich alone, we now have well over 2,500 participants per year in over 200 teams from over 100 different countries of origin.

How do you inspire young people from all over the world for buntkicktgut?

This enthusiasm and power is generated primarily by the ball. As soon as he comes into the game and rolls, the first bridge is already built. Football speaks a language that every person in the world understands, that knows no social boundaries and that unites and unites different cultures and nations. In addition, buntkicktgut is a street football league for children and children.

Does the intercultural street football league only run in Munich?

No. In addition to Munich, we have buntkicktgut locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Düsseldorf and Dortmund as well as in rural regions such as Upper Swabia and Lower Bavaria. Contact with the individual cities often arises directly through youth centres or social authorities, who like our concept – and who then contact us. We move more than 4000 children and young people a week throughout Germany – with 150 training sessions at schools and in city districts.

Rudi, we are happy to support you with the fundraiser! See you!

THAT’S colorfully kicked:

The intercultural street football league from Munich brings together young people of different cultural, social and national backgrounds – and has been doing so since 1997. In summer as well as in winter. With the ball, children and young people learn in the sporting game that mutual tolerance and fairness are the basis for peaceful interaction. They are the makers of the league – as players, in the league council, as a buntkicker editor, referee or street football worker. Participation, integration and identification are the basic pillars of buntkicktgut. The roots lie in the Munich refugee work of the 1990s, when not only the “Yugoslaviawar” caused a new wave of immigration. Rüdiger Heid and his team-mates met this challenge with football and an organized league for refugees, which is now open to everyone. In addition to Munich, there are other buntkicktgut locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Hamburg, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Lower Bavaria, Oberschwaben, Zurich and Basel as well as in Togo. More than 4,500 young people are reached per week by buntkickgut throughout Germany. Children from all over the world – connected and united by football.

Check the page of buntkicktgut and find out which projects you support by your purchase at RESWITCH: or Facebook or Instagram. You like the project and would like to donate something else? Then you have the possibility to use this link: