The solution?

If we get players into new situations where they need to be quick, make a right decision and act successfully, we can train those acting functions.

To train this explicitly in game forms has been difficult up to now. You as the coach, can set the training stimulus when players have to capture new game situations in the shortest possible time, in which they adapt quickly new situations, process only the most relevant information and then process the right information properly.

In a RESWITCH game form, this is possible because on your command, you put new teams together and thereby create new situations in which the players have to switch. Therefor we have the RESWITCH-jerseys and goal signs.


The RESWITCH set consists of 12 jerseys. You have different categories at the front and back printed on it, which play against the others:

  • COLOR: Red vs. White
  • SYMBOL: Rhombus vs. Circle
  • Number: 1 vs. 2
  • Letter A vs. B

Also the small body numbers are important, especially for you as a trainer. With the body numbers you decide how the team constellation is. It is possible, that the teams have the same number of players, also it is possible to with an numerical advantage or with an numerical disadvantage.

For equal games take the following jerseys:

  • 4 players in 2:2 = jersey numbers 1-4
  • 6 players in 3:3 = jersey numbers 1-6
  • 8 players in 4:4 = jersey numbers 1-8
  • 10 players in 5:5 = jersey numbers 1-10
  • 12 players in 6:6 = jersey numbers 1-12

If you want to know how to vary games, you can have a look in the chapter Variations, right after the explanation of your first training!

Goal signs

The goal signs are extremely valuable for your training, because they set the direction of play. With a SWITCH on a new category, the direction of play changes for some players.

  • Team Red, A, Circle or 2 plays on the goal with
    the red goal sign
  • Team White, B, Raute or 1 plays on the goal
    with the white goal sign.

On the next page, you can find out how you can prepare your first RESWITCH training!